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Re: [Xen-users] Re: System reboots after "Scrubbing free RAM" Xen 4.0.1 linux 2.6.37-rc3

Okay, I've tried changing the MAX_DOMAIN_MEMORY to 32 and 16, and there's no go. I figure I'll give the safe configs a whirl with 2.6.37 and work my way up from them assuming they boot.

I'm still open to ideas, so don't hesitate to suggest anything that might be half useful.


The squeeze 2.6.32 kernel has the memory set to 32.
I'll recompile the kernel with max domain memory set to 32 and, if that fails, to 16, just not tonight (I'll get to it tomorrow).

Just for the record, since no one asked, I figure it's not significant, but I am running the Xen hypervisor as provided by squeeze (4.0.1-1), there wouldn't be any caveats or catches against running that version, would there?

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