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Re: [Xen-users] Re: System reboots after "Scrubbing free RAM" Xen 4.0.1 linux 2.6.37-rc3

I guess I'll give up on trying, at least until I can find a way to capture the tty logs.

Just to confirm, though, has ANYONE managed to boot up a 2.6.37 dom0 at all, considering it's still brand new and untested? It seems that the highest Xen kernel available is 2.6.32 (which, as I explained previously, is still a bit outdated for my PC), and there are no 2.6.34 (which is the lowest revision that I would consider running) or newer.

I also found the following on the wiki:
Features queued for 2.6.37:
Initial Xen dom0 support (no backend drivers yet).
Xen PCI frontend driver required for Xen PCI Passthru to PV guest/domU.
Enhanced PV-on-HVM drivers: pirq remappings. Deliver IRQs as Xen event channels for better performance.

What does the 'yet' in 'no backend drivers yet' refer to -- current release candidates or the stable release?

Thanks in advance for clearing that up.


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