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[Xen-users] How to add 2 physical scsi drives to ubuntu fileshare VM on XCP 0.50

I'm new to XEN and cloud computing.  I've successfully setup XCP 0.50 and my first domU (a mailserver running on Debian 5.0).  I'm now going for my second domU - a fileserver running Ubuntu 10.04LTS 64-bit server but I have one question:

I have 2 500GB SCSI drives full of files (one formatted as EXT3, the other XFS) I'd like the fileshare domU I'm going to create to access these disks directly (or flow through some sort of virtual container) without having to reformat or migrate.  My desire is to be able to take these drives out and plug them into another machine without having to do much fussing around to access the files.

I've googled for the past few days and found nothing helpful.  Can anyone provide me some insight on how best to accomplish this or point me to a good resource that can help me out?
Thanks kindly,

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