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Re: [Xen-users] How to add 2 physical scsi drives to ubuntu fileshare VM on XCP 0.50

David Oh wrote:
I'm now going for my second domU - a fileserver running Ubuntu 10.04LTS 64-bit server but I have one question:

I have 2 500GB SCSI drives full of files (one formatted as EXT3, the other XFS) I'd like the fileshare domU I'm going to create to access these disks directly (or flow through some sort of virtual container) without having to reformat or migrate. My desire is to be able to take these drives out and plug them into another machine without having to do much fussing around to access the files.

As I read it - you have these disks full of files, you want to mount them on the DomU, and then share them from that ?

Just add additional virtual disk declarations to your client config and they'll appear to the client. There are two ways to do it, which you choose is a matter of personal preference and what else you run on the machine.

Option 1 : give the whole disk to the client.

In the client config on your Dom0, give the device name of the whole disk (eg /dev/sdc) as the device.
disk = [ 'phy:/dev/vg0/filesrversystem,xvda1,w', 'phy:/dev/sdc,xvda2,w' ]

In the DomU, you'll now find you have a disk (/dev/xvda2 in this case) that is partitioned - so you'd mount /dev/xvda1 etc.

Option 2 : pass individual partitions

This is what I do - partly because I run multiple clients and have a lot of LVM volumes all on the same (raid) disk. Eg : disk = [ 'phy:/dev/vg0/filesrverroot,xvda1,w', 'phy:/dev/vg0/filesrvervar,xvda2,w', 'phy:/dev/vg0/filesrver swap,xvda3,w', 'phy:/dev/sdc1,xvda2,w' ]

assuming in this case that /dev/sdc1 is the partition with all your files on it.

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