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Re: [Xen-users] Which distro to use for Dom0

Il 14/01/2011 20:39, Bastian Blank ha scritto:
> On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 07:00:59PM +0100, Christian Zoffoli wrote:
>> debian and xen are actually in different planets ...live migration is a
>> pain and there are many problems in general.
> I miss your bugreports.
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?src=xen;include=originator:czoffoli%40xmerlin.org
> shows none.



step1: install 2 lenny dom0
step2: install 1 lenny domU
step3: configure xen, shared storage and whatever you need
step4: start domU on whatever dom0
step5: live migrate the domU from dom0-1 to dom0-2
step6: puff -> domU is unusable

>> If you whant something stable, updated and so on, suse sles 11 sp1 is
>> the way.
> If you want heavily patched software that can't be supported by anyone
> else, yes, then you want SLES.

so you have not to use xen ...because the official xen dom0 kernel is
very old, pv-ops dom0 is not ready for production (it will be but now
it's not).


** xen on centos/rhel works but:
- kernel is old
- clustering stack is old and not as good as the newer pacemaker stack
- kernel is very patched in every area ...as anyone know

** xen on opensuse/SLES works and:
- it has a newer kernel less patched in many areas (as you know newer
kernels means new hw support ...so less patches to support newer hw)
- new clustering stack better than the previous one and better
integrated with external components like drbd ecc
- many new features ...as suse actually uses xen 4.1

>> - it has a fully working and certified infiniband stack
> And Linux does not?

no, the key word is certified:


the only distros with a certified and suppoted stack are redhat and suse

>> - suse xen kernel is also the starting point of the citrix xenserver
> And is not supported outside of SuSE in any way.

who support the xen kernel integrated in debian? ...noone ...so there is
no difference.

I love debian but lenny simply sucks in the xen area.

In the future, it will be beutiful to have a working xen + clustering
stack + whatever you need to make a virtualization cluster ...but now
the reality is very different and everyone that use xen inside clusters
already know this bad reality.

Best regards,

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