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Re: [Xen-users] Which version for hosting?

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 09:45:13PM +0000, Jonathan Tripathy wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Is the 4.x branch suitable yet for serious production hosting services?  
> We currently run the latest 3.x version with a CentOS Dom0 which has  
> been rock solid for us, but wondering if we would gain any advantages by  
> upgrading to 4.x? Are there any security issues fixed in 4.x that are  
> present in 3.x?
> When we were deploying some server last summer, we tested 4.0, but found  
> it to be a bit buggy (random lock-ups occurring)
> I'm just trying to get an idea of which version is used out there

Xen 4.0.2-rc1 was just released a couple of days ago.

I'd recommend you to try it, and run some proper tests
with your workloads and see how it goes.

If you have any issues, or find some bugs, let us know.

Note that some people have had random lockups due to ACPI C-states
being enabled in the BIOS. That option is known to cause a lot of 
problems and crashes on multiple platforms, not only in Xen.

Also dom0 kernel version will heavily affect the stability
of the whole system. You basicly have two choises there.
1) pvops xen/stable-2.6.32.x branch, and SLES11 SP1 Xenlinux 2.6.32 kernel.

-- Pasi

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