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Re: [Xen-users] iscsi vs nfs for xen VMs

Il 26/01/2011 21:15, Freddie Cash ha scritto:
> For ZFS?  No, there are no guarantees.  But the Illumos, Nexenta, and
> FreeBSD devs won't be sitting still just waiting for Oracle to release
> something (look at the removal of the python dependency ZFS
> delegations in Illumos, for example).  This may lead to a split in the
> future (Oracle ZFS vs OpenZFS).  But that's the future.  ZFSv28 is
> available for FreeBSD right now, which supports all the features we're
> looking for in ZFS.

I'm hoping like you ...because ZFS is a great FS ...a bit memory hungry
but great

>> d) NFS is slow ...NFS over RDMA is fast but freebsd has no open/official
>> infiniband stack
> NFS doesn't have to be slow.

in other words if your car can go at 300 Km/h ...with NFS you have a
maximum of 180/200 ...

> Yes, true.  But having a cronjob in the guest (or having the backups
> server execute the command remotely) that does a dump of the database
> before the backup snapshot is created is pretty darn close to atomic,
> and hasn't failed us yet in our restores.  It's not perfect, but so
> far, so good.

of course

> Compared to the hassle of getting iSCSI live-migration working, and
> all the hassles of getting a cluster-aware LVM or FS setup, I'll take
> a little drop in raw disk I/O.  :)  Ease of management trumps raw
> performance for us (we're only 5 people managing servers for an entire
> school district of ~2100 staff and 50 schools).

not so difficult to setup ...I prefer to not waste money in additional
storages and I prefer also to consolidate more VMs on a single storage.


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