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[Xen-users] Compiling new centos kernel for DomU

Hello List,

I am trying to compile linux-2.6.32 on a DomU centos. This DomU is a
paravirt guest. I have Dom0 on centos 2.6.18 with xen-3.0-x86_64

Whenever I do a "make menuoldconfig" it scraps the old config and asks
me to create a new .config

I tried this on linux2.6.18 as well but there is no change for "make
menuoldconfig" and it still scraps the old config.

If I build the kernel with default config then it fails to boot with a
kernel panic on spinlocks.
I disabled the Spinlock for XEN but still it hangs with a kernel panic
at disk drivers.

Can someone point me what am I missing ? or is there any good doc on
compiling a paravirt guest kernel ??


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