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Re: [Xen-users] Xen and High Availability

Randy Katz wrote:
On 2/26/2011 6:56 AM, Miles Fidelman wrote:

Miles, excellent, thanks. What version of DRBD are you currently on?
8.014 - I think this is the Lenny Package - a lot of new features came in with 8.2, but it's easier to stay with the packages
You say you're only using 1 NIC on each machine, so you did NOT use a cross-cable on the second NIC between the machines as is recommended?
Ooops - I am using the 2nd port for cross-connect. Didn't have my morning coffee when I wrote things up. What I'm not doing is redundant external connectivity.
Why are you using RAID10 with LVM? Couldn't you just
have one large VG that included all the drives? Have you had any drives fail within the RAID10 yet?
LVM does nothing to protect against disk failures - it's just for managing blocks of disk space. The RAID10 gives me protection against drive failures, while maximizing use of disk space and protecting against the RAID5/6 "hole."

Yes, I've had a drive fail. the RAID10 kept me going and made replacement easy.


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