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RE: [Xen-users] Strange Problem with Windows GPLPV Drivers

> I have a strange problem with these drivers.
> I have a host that has 31 VM's running on it, all windows. They are
> the same template, which has the latest GPLPV drivers installed. The
> occurred today when I went to add the 32nd VM (pretty freaky number!),
> from the same template. Now when the VM boots up I get a BSOD.
> I tried a different template to confirm that it was not template
> again BSOD on boot.
> Booting into safe mode works fine, so that led me to believe it could
> driver related.
> I then performed a fresh install of windows from ISO, and that worked
> UNTIL I installed the GPLPV drivers .. half way through the install, I
got a
> BSOD with xenpci.sys being the offending file.
> It would seem I have hit some sort of internal limit maybe .. the host
> plenty of RAM, the dom0 domain has plenty of RAM, and disk space is
not an
> issue.
> Any ideas?

What is the BSoD code?

You mention 0.9 in another email... was that just something you tried
for testing?

If you use the debug version of the drivers it should log lots of stuff
to /var/log/xen/qemu-dm-<domu name>.log. If you can give me the BSoD
code (a screenshot would be fine) and a copy of that log I can have a
look at it.

I don't have any hardware capable of running 32 VM's so I can't test it


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