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Re: [Xen-users] XCP XenAPI fencing script (clustering support)

Hi Matt,

As I've wrote before I've started working on the server part. The first working example server code is at:
It is an XML-RPC server which accept start, shutdown and reboot requests. The stonith/fence agent
There are still lots of things to do:
-Load configuration, secrets from a ini file (I've started working on this)
-Handle the signals which could be sent to the server process
-Better logging (currently none)
-Better handling of already running already shutdown, paused suspended states (there is none at the moment)
-Set up an init script, and an optional stunel config for the server (XCP/Xenserver doesn't have SSL python libs)
-Build a rpm of the server part so it can be easily installed in Dom0


Hi Geza,

Thanks for your feedback.

Using a specific server for this was the first approach I took, writing a python daemon process that utilised XML-RPC (I will see if I can dig it up). Got a fair way down that path but realised I was just rewriting fence-virtd so then I started to look into altering fence-virtd instead. That's where I stopped. I want to get back around to this eventually, but that's not what this script is for.

This script is to fence a node through the XenAPI. As you mentioned, the security model employed by XenAPI does not allow username/password based access control of specific VM's (that I am aware of without using windows based active directory credentials), but maybe it will in the future. Note that this is an underlying API limitation. 

The same script can be updated to also use GezaAPI in the future, once this is written. I will be happy to make the changes once you have your daemon working and API laid out. To be honest it should be a pretty straight forward transition.


On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 6:51 AM, Gémes Géza <geza@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
2011-03-30 13:09 keltezéssel, m c írta:

I think this would be the best forum, let me know if not.

I am in the middle of writing fencing scripts for Citrix XenServer virtual machines (specifically for use with Redhat Clustering, but will also work from pacemaker etc) and I noticed that XCP uses the same XenAPI (from what I can tell).

Just wondering if someone would be able to test the scripts on XCP and let me know if they work.

The latest tar ball can be downloaded from the following URL:-

Once extracted a test can be performed as follows (the following will just list all the VM's and their current state, it will not turn reboot a machine so is safe):-

cd /tmp
tar xvzf fence-xenserver-0.8.tar.gz
cd fence-xenserver-0.8
./fence_cxs_redhat.py  -o list -s -l root -p <passwd>

That should be enough to test if it is functioning properly. Appreciate any feedback.

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Just this morning I've decided to start writing something similar (stonith script for pacemaker).
I have only one objection to the approach used by your script. It would be more robust (more secure) if the script would connect to a small server running in Dom0 with some shared secret corresponding to each DomU, in this way non-cluster member DomU's won't be able to shut down cluster members, or legit DomU's wouldn't be able to do whatever they would want on the Dom0 (allowing fence/stonith to run with root credentials, ssh keys, whatever laying somewhere in the DomUs filesystem is not the best solution regarding security).
I planed to write a small server program which would run on the Dom0, with a htpasswd like config file, where user entries would have been DomUs, each with a password. The fence agent/stonith script would connect to this server and providing the right credentials for the given DomU it would be able to issue force-reboot, start, force-shutdown, whatever would be needed actions on that DomU, and nothing more. A similar approach without using a Dom0 side server would be possible if using AD authentication and assignment of different DomUs to different roles.

Best Regards


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