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Re: [Xen-users] centos 5.6 upgrade to 4.1 - no DomUs listed

On 05/18/2011 07:46 PM, Randy Katz wrote:
> Andy, looks like your image is not bootable, I have run into that, did not
> try to fix one, however, did some some posts related if you search. Since then
> I have created bootable images and have not had a problem loading them. If
> all else fails create a new bootable image (using remote/network install or 
> kickstart
> or however) then mount the image, copy the data, and copy it to the bootable 
> VM.


        I solved the problem I was having with the Virtual Machine Manager not 
showing guests,
running or not. I updated libvirt to 0.9.1 from the default CentOS 5.6 one.

libvirtd fails a test during the build, The attached trivial patch removes the 
test. The test fails because of CentOS using an old version of libxml2.

I rebuilt with:

rpmbuild -bb --define='rhel 5' libvirt.spec

I've got a Ubuntu 10.04 guest running on CentOS now.

Hopefully this will help someone. ( or me when I forget what I did! )



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