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[Xen-users] problem with xen server 5.6 -sp 2 and NFS

Hi all
We experimenting with 3 nodes ( athlon amd x2 450 with 8 GB DDR 3) with xen server 5.6 - sp2 and shared storage on NFS (ufs) ( freenas 7.3) but we have a serious problems - from time to time all VM lose there connection - in xen center it console tab - no response :( . some time When traffic on NFS reach 100 - 150 MBit some MV's stop responding ... restarting NFS couple of times and VM' s back :(. Often RDP on win xp VM's crash ... restart NFS and they BACK (not every time ...) ?
What we must do ? change NFS with some other protocol like ISCSI or ... ?
Someone of you has the same problems ?
Thank you for all answers :)

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