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Re: [Xen-users] Xen - Linux PV on HVM drivers


I have narrowed this down to the version of Xen that my VPS provider is running. It appears that any pv-on-hvm driver code in *recent* kernels requires Xen 4.0.1+. The reason why debian's pv-on-hvm kernel worked when I tested on a spare VPS at the same provider is because it had an old kernel (2.6.32), a lot of pv-on-hvm driver bugs were fixed in 3.6.39 so it would be silly to downgrade my kernel in this case.

I know this is off topic, however I will ask anyway (someone may have an answer). My VPS provider has no immediate plans to use Xen 4. I have checked with another VPS provider (linode) who are not using Xen 4 either. Can anyone suggest some VPS providers with USA point or presence that offers Xen HVM and is using a recent enough version of Xen?


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