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Re: [Xen-users] XEN 4.0.1 and Linux 3.0?

On 6/29/11 4:23 PM, Christian Motschke wrote:
> Hello,


> I compiled a 3.0-rc5 kernel from debian experimental and tried it to boot as 
> dom0. After scrubbing RAM the screen goes black and nothing else happens 
> anymore. The kernel boots without hypervisor and even as domU without 
> problems.
> All other kernels I have tested up to 2.6.39 works flawless with 4.0.1 (but 
> 2.6.39 lacks blkback, thats why I want to try 3.0). Does Linux 3.0 needs XEN 
> 4.1 or should it basically run with 4.0.1?

Sorry, that this might not be of help. I just wanted to add, that I have
the same issues on Ubuntu oneiric with xen 4.1 and stock

Strangely, *sometimes* the machine boots.
I have the feeling (no proof), that its the plymouth and radeon drm
stuff thats failing *sometimes* I get a "disconnecting from plymouth"
and a console - so not really xen related. I didn't try to boot the
kernel without hypervisor though.

If the console stays blank, there's also no remote access (tried
ping/ssh). The only thing the machine responds to in this state is a

> Regards
> Christian

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