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Re: [Xen-users] XEN 4.0.1 and Linux 3.0?

In your case it seems, that the kernel at least boots and the system hangs 
after the kernel has booted. On my system the boot process stops immediately 
when the hypervisor tries to boot the linux kernel. Would you like to test my 
kernel? It is a debian package and can be downloaded from 


Am 29.06.2011 um 16:58 schrieb Mark Dokter:

> On 6/29/11 4:23 PM, Christian Motschke wrote:
>> Hello,
> Hi!
>> I compiled a 3.0-rc5 kernel from debian experimental and tried it to boot as 
>> dom0. After scrubbing RAM the screen goes black and nothing else happens 
>> anymore. The kernel boots without hypervisor and even as domU without 
>> problems.
>> All other kernels I have tested up to 2.6.39 works flawless with 4.0.1 (but 
>> 2.6.39 lacks blkback, thats why I want to try 3.0). Does Linux 3.0 needs XEN 
>> 4.1 or should it basically run with 4.0.1?
> Sorry, that this might not be of help. I just wanted to add, that I have
> the same issues on Ubuntu oneiric with xen 4.1 and stock
> linux-image-3.0-2-{generic/server}
> Strangely, *sometimes* the machine boots.
> I have the feeling (no proof), that its the plymouth and radeon drm
> stuff thats failing *sometimes* I get a "disconnecting from plymouth"
> and a console - so not really xen related. I didn't try to boot the
> kernel without hypervisor though.
> If the console stays blank, there's also no remote access (tried
> ping/ssh). The only thing the machine responds to in this state is a
> Ctrl-Alt-Del.
>> Regards
>> Christian
> Mark
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