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RE: [Xen-users] Who is better .

> Alexandre Chapellon wrote:
> >>I'd concur with that. We use both at work, I use Xen for the Linux
> >>stuff, my manager uses Hyper-V for the Windows stuff. Hyper-V has
> >>the advantage for many that it has a nice GUI and you can randomly
> >>click options to configure it !
> >
> >Wow! random clicking that make things works! Great!
> >Who needs a brain :)
> Yeah, it seems to be how many people configure Windows - bring up a
> random control panel, and randomly stab at tick boxes until it does
> something vaguely like what you want ! I perhaps exaggerate a bit ...
> There is something else to be aware of with Hyper-V - be prepared to
> add superfluous network ports. It might have been just early versions
> from when we started using it at work, but I know they had some
> problems that were only solved by adding separate ports for host and
> guests.
> You know, trivial details like networking stops altogether if you try
> moving a large file - really handy when attempting to move a VM image
> to another host.
> And something to do with networking not working right if you had host
> and guests sharing a port - probably linked with the above. I didn't
> take notes, I recall a certain level of frustration from those
> involved.

Yes networking is a huge pain under Hyper-V. The recommendation is to
turn off anything to do with acceleration and then cross your fingers.


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