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Re: [Xen-users] XAPI on debian installation issue

On 07/19/2011 09:01 AM, Jonathan Ludlam wrote:
I worked around this by renaming 20_linux_xen to 09_linux_xen, then running 
update-grub, to make sure that the xen entry was top of the list. An ugly 
quick-n-dirty thing, but it worked :-)



Yes, by default the xen entry is at the bottom of the grub menu, changing the order in grub.d works well and I don't think is
that much dirty :).

Now there is another issue with kernel 3.x and xen, at least with my hardware and seems it has been confirmed by other people too. As soon as the dom0 kernel is loaded, the screen on the console goes blank (black in fact...), but it still boot. If you have network
configured, you can login to the box with ssh, otherwise you're stuck :)

There is a patch for this that I had tested and was working on some self compiled 3.x xen kernel:


but it doesn't look like it reached the kernel tree yet...


Jonathan, the new packages install fine, thanks for the fix.

Going further with my testing :)


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