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[Xen-users] XAPI on debian - openvswitch and ocfs2 support


Going deeper with my tests of xapi on debian, I would like to ask if there is any plan to support openvswitch for the network management and open-iscsi+multipath+ocfs2 as a backend for
a vhd based SR ?


For ocfs2 with iscsi the kernel module is already available in the kernel, you would just need to:

box# apt-get install open-iscsi multipath-tools ocfs2-tools
box# dpkg reconfigure ocfs2-tools

Would it be possible to have a SR type ocfs2 acting like a nfs SR (using vhd files on ocfs2 instead of nfs),
like for example:

with multipath
SR=`xe sr-create type=ocfs name-label=ocfs2 device-config:device=/dev/mapper/mpath0-part1 device-config:devicepath=/cloud/files`

SR=`xe sr-create type=ocfs name-label=ocfs2 device-config:device=/dev/sdc1 device-config:devicepath=/cloud/files`

That would ofcs2 mount <device> somewhere on the system, and read/write the vhd files in <devicepath> subdirectory (or root of the device, if omitted)


For openvswitch, seems the packages exists in the debian unstable repo, shouldn't be a problem, except maybe for the datapath kernel module. I'm going to try it, something like

apt-get install openvswitch-common openvswitch-datapath-source openvswitch-pki openvswitch-switch python-openvswitch


Last question :)

By default xend is started at boot, shouldn't it be disabled when using xapi ?


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