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Re: [Xen-users] Changes to windows domu without having to re-license?

On 07/28/2011 12:02 PM, John McMonagle wrote:
> Working on getting a server 2008 domu ready for production.
> I needed more disk space so I copied it to a new larger lvm as I needed to 
> move it to a new server.
> Now it wants me to re-license it.
> I suspect my first  mistake was to not have a mac address specified in  vif 
> line.
> It was activated with a MAK licience.
> I suppose I could call Microsoft but I'd rather learn how to do it right and 
> redo if possible.
> Can one change  size of the  disk with out license issues?
> John

If you dd the source LV to the new LV, you will get an exact copy of the
OS. Then you should be able to 'virsh dumpxml domu > ~/domu.xml', edit
the XML to use the new LV, redefine the domU using 'virsh define
~/domu.xml' and boot the VM.

However, I have no idea how or if you can grow the Win2008 server's
filesystem at that point, but the space will be there if it is possible.

note: keep an original copy of the 'domu.xml' in case something goes
wrong. Then you can re-redefine the domU back to it's original LV. :)

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