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Re: [Xen-users] Re: XCP GUI help needed

On 29/07/11 15:24, Mike Galvez wrote:
> Thanks for the link. I'm still wanting to hear from anyone who is
> using "Virtual Machine Manager" with XCP.

Virtual Machine Manager is meant to work with libvirt. XCP uses XenAPI
as its management API, not libvirt. While libvirt has bindings with Xen
itself (through libxc and, soon, libxl), unfortunately, there is no
version of VMM that supports XenAPI, and there are no bindings between
libvirt and XenAPI.

I'm told that someone attempted to create a libvirt/XenAPI binding of
some sort, but that the impedance mismatch between the two APIs was too
high. Perhaps there is room for a "good enough" translation between the
two APIs, but I don't know of any work being done on this.


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