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[Xen-users] Which kernel for Dual GPU Passthrough?

I'm a little new when it comes to XEN so forgive me if this question sounds a little basic.

I'm setting up an Ubuntu Server with Dual AMD HD 6970 GPU cards in it and I need the passthrough feature to work with both of these cards.

The processor is an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T and the motherboard supports IOMMU.
Hardware wise, all the right boxes are ticked for this as far as I can tell.

Now I'm just a little uncertain about the choice of kernel.

There is a kernel option: CONFIG_XEN_PCIDEV_BACKEND
But this module doesn't appear to be in my stock kernel (or even Kernel 3.0) despite the announcement that all the XEN bits are in it?
My internet link is not terribly fast so I'd rather avoid downloading over many hours/days to find out it's not already patched.

Where can I obtain a suitably patched kernel that contains the pcidev backend that is apparently required?

Ideally I'm after a 2.6.38 series as there is a power consumption issue that also affects my server but in a way that causes both GPU's to heat up dramatically without
any load.  Earlier kernels are not showing this issue.

Regards,  Matt
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