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Re: [Xen-users] XCP GUI management

Update: I'm going to use XVP I think. After digging around I can see that I can set up users and delegate privileges in the text console. XVP so far runs exactly like it's supposed to and I haven't had to google anything outside of why I don't have a logout button in the web interface. It's a rare case to have software run correctly out of the box. I think I saw mention of a user privileges text file somewhere which would be perfect.

I will have to write some provisioning scripts to read in the Roster for the quarter and create the pools/VMs/Networks for each class/student. Then if I can script setting up access control I think I'm home free. I will still port forward to each VM so students could use straight SSH/NX if they wish but they can always fall back on the XVP Console to access their VM. Also I'm thinking of making a Moodle block to show VM status with a link to pop open a new web browser window with the XVP interface. It would be interesting to get a single sign-on between XVP and Moodle.

The XVP Console seems to work well and outside of snapshots XVP seems to do what I want.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

Grant McWilliams
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