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[Xen-users] XCP running upgrades

Over the course of building out my XCP hosts I ended up with a 1.0.0. system and a 1.1 beta system. Obviously these don't work together. My first reaction was to do a yum update and quickly learned that doesn't work on XCP. What is the recommended way of upgrading an XCP host? Also my XCP 1.0.0 systems don't have CD drives so if I go through the trouble of tearing them apart to update them to 1.1 beta will I have to do it again when 1.1 final comes out? Eventually I want the Hosts to boot via PXE but I don't have time to go down that road right now unless someone has a really quick tutorial on how to do that.

Should I downgrade the 1.1 beta system (which has a CD drive), upgrade the 1.0 systems via a network somehow or tear them apart and upgrade with a CDrom plugged in?

Grant McWilliams

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