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[Xen-users] XCP eccentric, "embedded" install on small system disks


I really like the features of XCP, and it seems very accomodating in
hardware compatibility as well - quite differently from vSphere... I
would really like to use it as the hypervisor for my home

The only problem is that the fileserver has a 4 Gig solid state CF
card and a 6 Gig microdrive for system purposes, the rest of the
storage (2 x 1.5 Tb SATA) is already formatted into a mirrored ZFS
zpool, and I'd really like to avoid having to break that up.

Of course, I get the "no hard disks with sufficient space" message. (I
disconnected the data disks before install.)

So I was wondering, since XCP is open source and all, if there is an
advanced, manual option (even if it has to do with digging into the
heart of the system) to install it on such a small, embedded
I'm quite certain I don't need the 2x4G management space, I'll be
running two virtual machines AT MOST, virtualization is mostly to
simplify remote management, and allow for GUI (without X11 forwarding)
on a headless machine.

In an ideal world, the setup would look like this:

4G CF card: hypervisor boot partition and configuration (semi-static,
definitely no swapping or other frequent writes)
6G microdrive: VM images and swap
2x1.5T data disks: transparently linked to a Linux or OpenSolaris VM,
which will handle the ZFS zpool

Does this sound possible? I'm ready to get my hands dirty in
configuration and code, I'm a Gentoo veteran... XD



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