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Re: [Xen-users] correct steps to add XEN bridge to Debian squeeze?

Diego Dave wrote:

I think the easiest way to set up a bridge configuration on only one
interface (eth0), is enabling the "(network-script network-bridge)" in
"xend-config.sxp"... this makes a bridge on eth0 directly...

Many, myself included, disagree - at least once you get past the most simple single interface setup. The functioning of the Xen scripts is obscure, and very difficult to customise. Certainly in Debian, it's easier to do all the network config with the host OS and leave Xen out of it.

As already shown, even fairly complex setups (bonded NICs, multiple VLANs, multiple bridges) can be done easily with the host OS script. These are impossible with the Xen scripts without doing all the work yourself.

Simon Hobson

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