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Re: [Xen-users] Help in installing XEN

ÂÂ Not sure if I'm following but you generally can't install a Hypervisor inside another Hypervisor ie. no Xen inside of VMWare. Also XCP is designed as a product so you install it from the install disk on bare hardware. The standard Xen Hypervisor can be installed in a Linux Distrobution from packages but even then it's good to choose your Linux distribution wisely as there's a bit of strategy to it. We recently had a thread about the best OS for Dom0 (the Control Domain) in this mailinglist.

My recommendation, get a machine (or swap drive) that you don't use for anything else and install XCP on it if that's what you want to run. If you're thinking of straight Xen then install CentOS 5.6 on it which comes with Xen.

Grant McWiliams

On Sun, Sep 11, 2011 at 12:26 PM, JAY PARIKH <jparik01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi everyone,

I am new to XEN I am working on a cloud based project on which i have to explore the possibilities of using XEN in certain functions of router like packet processing, forwarding etc.Â

So first of all i need toÂinstallÂXEN and understand its basics.

I think i should install XEN directly on my hard drive in my laptop and install my windows 7 in VM and may be linux on other VM.

But i just wanna to know if there is any possibility ofÂinstallingÂXENÂvirtuallyÂin VMware in windows and working on it???

Also i want to know will i need server ofr i can directly install Xen CloudÂPlatformÂin other VM directly on XEN hyperviser ????

Thanks a lot for help in advance......

Jay Parikh

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