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Re: [Xen-users] XCP which management console to use - plus XenServer question

On 09/14/2011 01:50 PM, JÃzsef DÃniel wrote:
Well I guess that comparison says enough. Given that and the fact that
XenServer won't work, I'll stick with XCP. :)
Good, glad to hear it ;)
For the time being, I found a way to disable the expiration nagging in
XenCenter, so I'll be using that. (Upload a XenServer eval license to
XCP seems to be a tested and working solution.)
While annoying, this message is benign and you can safely ignore it. When XCP 1.1 final comes out, there will be a "xapi version override" file that will let you tell XCP to pretend that it's XenServer (it's a terrible hack, but it fixes the problem).
Running a Xen VM management tool on Windows running in a VirtualBox VM
running under OSX. How convoluted is that? VMception. :P
If you'd prefer something else that (should) run on OSX, try OpenXenManager (http://sourceforge.net/projects/openxenmanager/) a free clone of XenCenter written in Python. It's not as polished as XenCenter, but it does the job.
Anyway, there was some talk before that XenCenter sees XCP as an
outdated version of XenServer (XenServer 1.0). Seeing how Xen lists
XCP as XenCenter compatible, I was wondering if this has already been

It was a design decision to give XCP different versions than XenServer. There are quite a few places in XenCenter where it checks for hard-coded version numbers to see if it's talking to a version of XenServer that supports certain features. It's a low priority for the XenCenter team to change this, and other than faking that XCP is XenServer, there's not much to do on the XCP side.


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