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[Xen-users] .1q trunks


I've got a requirement and I can't work out the right configuration. I'm
running Xen 4.0 on Debian Squeeze.

The Dom0 has two physical interfaces, one as an 'access' port (I'll be using 
terminology) and the other is a .1q trunk for up to 150 VLANs (don't ask,
long story). Some of the VLANs on this trunk are for managing the DomUs and
as such I've created interfaces and bridges for each. The rest I want to
pass on, as a trunk, to a DomU.

The DomU will have a management interface which connects to one of the above
management bridges and it should also have an interface connected to the
trunk. I want to be able to listen to all the broadcast traffic on that

I've tried treating each VLAN as an individual interface on the Dom0 but I
can only get the DomU to connect to about 30 of them. Thus I'd need 5 DomUs
at least to handle all the VLANs, which isn't a nice solution.

I've tried various attempts to connect the DomU interface to a bridge to the
trunk but without much success. 

Can anyone help?


Dom0    eth0 -> local management
        eth1 -> .1q trunk
        eth1.1 -> VLAN 1

DomU    Ueth0 -> eth1.1
        Ueth1 -> eth1



Mike Richardson
Networks (network@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
IT Services, University of Manchester
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