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Re: [Xen-users] .1q trunks

Mike Richardson wrote:

The Dom0 has two physical interfaces, one as an 'access' port (I'll be using Cisco
terminology) and the other is a .1q trunk for up to 150 VLANs (don't ask,
long story).

I can guess

 Some of the VLANs on this trunk are for managing the DomUs and
as such I've created interfaces and bridges for each. The rest I want to
pass on, as a trunk, to a DomU.

The DomU will have a management interface which connects to one of the above
management bridges and it should also have an interface connected to the
trunk. I want to be able to listen to all the broadcast traffic on that

I've tried treating each VLAN as an individual interface on the Dom0 but I
can only get the DomU to connect to about 30 of them. Thus I'd need 5 DomUs
at least to handle all the VLANs, which isn't a nice solution.

AFAICT, Linux bridges don't support tagged traffic. My reading suggests that Open vSwitch does (and lots more). It may be worth looking into that.

Simon Hobson

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