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Re: [xen-users] mailing list.

On 26 October 2011 19:51, Andrew Wells <agwells0714@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I could reply all, but for people who do not use gmail, this message would
> come up twice.
True, you are right! I always asked to myself if someone receive the emails
two times, because it doesn't happen in gmail actually.

> Most people would not disagree, and I notice that you didn't, that the
> default behavior of "reply" should be to the list, and only if I want to
> reply to a specific user should I actively change who the message is being
> sent to.
You are perfectly right. I definitely agree with you, but maybe this
behaviour is
due to the mailman software that manages the list. Maybe it could be
configured to do what you say. I don't know, because I've never deepen that.


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