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Re: [xen-users] mailing list.

Flavio wrote:

 > Most people would not disagree, and I notice that you didn't, that the
 default behavior of "reply" should be to the list, and only if I want to
 reply to a specific user should I actively change who the message is being
 sent to.
You are perfectly right. I definitely agree with you, but maybe this
behaviour is
due to the mailman software that manages the list. Maybe it could be
configured to do what you say. I don't know, because I've never deepen that.

It is an option in Mailman to mangle the reply to header.

However, I'm on a number of lists - some with reply-to set, and some without. I don't find it an issue - I just hit Cmd-Option_R instead of Cmd-R to reply to all. It's actually more irritating to me when I want to reply personally/off-list to someone on a list that has the reply-to header set - because I have to copy their address, hit reply, and then paste the address in.

All said, it **shouldn't** be any great issue amongst all the other cleaning up* that people should be doing (like trimming what they quote etc (which some people seem averse to doing). Because I'm on a number of lists, I've just got into the habit of doing reply to all - even to the extent when I sometimes forget to use a normal reply in non-list email :-/

* In this case, move the list address from cc to to, and remove the other addresses, and trim the quoted material.

As to getting two copies of mails. Yes that happens, but I find it no big deal either. Again, on Mailman (I think) there's an option not to get emails from the list which are also addressed directly to yourself.

One thing this list has in common with most lists I'm on ... from time to time there's a discussion on whether there should be a mangled reply-to header !

Simon Hobson

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