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Re: [Xen-users] Need some assistance in layout

If you can invest a week or one and a half in the re-design to make it
all fancy:

- Upgrade from Centos5 for better overall performance
- Use OpenNebula in a small "private cloud" setup, this very very well
covers the GUI bit.
- Big "partitions" might waste a raid arrays performance (but that
depends on too many factors. I like many small bits, others do not,
and in general cache sorts it out better than my preferences would ;)
- Raid6 definitely kills performance. Consider a Raid10.
- Live migration can come along easily with i.e. OpenNebula,
- the same goes for load balancing via live migration between hosts,
for which there are nice scripts these days.
- i have spent some half year on deploying a HA setup on xen.
old-style heartbeat + drbd in domUs and there were some caveats
   mostly that you cannot see a link-down in the host from point of domU.
   yes, you can bond in dom0
   no, that is NOT solving the problem. if you have a double failure,
or if the bridge in dom0 has an
   issue, then your domU will NOT notice that.
   No, using arp_monitor & bonding in domU was not a solution either,
since the arpping did NOT
   work in CentOS 5.4

   It doesn't get better with DR:BD with is latency-wary more than
usual inside a domU.
   Oh, and did I mention on-the-wire corruption going unnoticed until
you finally found any place that has hw
   offloading that didn't work.

   Heartbeat v1 showed a general lack of gracefulness when dealing
with such issues.

- My personal recommendation would be to get working Xen-Ready NICs
from Solarflare
if you want to do anything that goes into clustering inside domUs, or
need high LAN performance.

Alternatively, I wonder if Remus is not the one-and-best-ever
solution. But so far I don't have it working :)

As for the redo-everything with a GUI factor, you could also give
Oracle VM3 a test ride.
Hmmyeah, over the last 6 or 7 years in Xen GUI land, I'd say the thing
sticking out has been OpenNebula (oh ok and Eucalyptus when it was
still vaporware with screenshots), and dom0 wise I haven't seen
anything that is remotely as good as OVM. Sadly that is being locked
down into an appliance now :)


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