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Re: [Xen-users] Does xen on debian squeeze work at all?

First of all, thanks to all who took the trouble to respond to my post!

Well, I already knew about the boot order (xen first, then the linux kernel), 
so I think that is ok.

Looking into dmesg I can see lots of "(xen)" tags. The booting sequence is too fast to actually see the distinct phases.

About the qemu-dm module, I cannot recall, but I'll take a look, maybe that's 
the culprit.

Thanks to your posts, now I feel more confident that everything is going OK.


Il 18/01/2012 19:57, Simon Hobson ha scritto:
Shane Johnson wrote:
Oh I also forgot you need to go into /etc/defaults/grub and set the default to boot to the grub entry that says :
Debian GNU/Linux, with Linux 2.6.32-5-xen-amd64 and XEN 4.0-amd64

Or rename files in /etc/grub so that Xen comes before the plain kernels - then 
it's automatic.

But in answer to the OP - it should all "just work" apart from the GRUB issue already noted. I've a box at work, and one at home, both running the same versions as you list.

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