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[Xen-users] DDK for XCP 1.1? igb driver issue, XCP 1.5?

As seen on the mailinglist, many have been hit by the issues with the
igb driver included in xcp 1.1 and below ( and 5.6 fp* and below as
well ), version 2.4.3, which due to a bug  prevents VLAN tagging and
other features from working correct (sr-iov). This mainly affects
systems with Intel 82576 nics.

There are work arounds for this, mainly updating the driver from
intel, see here:


But those only work in the XenServer kernels. Is there a DDK image for
XCP 1.1 and it's kernel version so that the updated driver can be
compiled successfully? Anyone have been able to properly installed
updated igb drivers on xcp1.1?

This seems like a pretty big issue, as this chipset is going
exclusively used in the Dell cloud series, and is going to be in the
next version of servers from many vendors, yet every email I've seen
on the issue gets pretty much ignored. Alternatively, are XCP 1.5/1.6
betas anywhere in sight?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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