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[Xen-users] vifnames

> I agree that a list of features which xl supports would be a useful
> thing to have. I have just made a start on updating
> http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/XL with such a list (as well as some more
> highlevel blurb). Further contributions welcomed ;-)

I looked at this page and


> vifname
> This keyword is valid for HVM guest devices with type=ioemu only.
> Specifies the backend device name for an emulated device. The default
> is tapDOMID.DEVID where DOMID is the guest domain ID and DEVID is the
> device number.

Why can't this be extended to all domains?

It's important for me to properly have vifnames because if you have a
large number of hosts then arbitrary vif names are much harder to read
than custom vifnames. I know, I've been nagging about it but that's
only because I haven't seen any real response to it... other than other
users who seem to support the idea.

So can this please be added, Ian?

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