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Re: [Xen-users] xcp : vm installation

In the case of the last error, it is telling you exactly what the
issue is, you can not store a disk image (a virtual hard drive you are
creating in order to run a virtual machine) on the same SR as your ISO

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 4:04 AM, Valerio De Rosa <valesmn@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello there,
> i am trying to create a VM using xcp on my system, with os Ubuntu 11.10.
> I’ve got 3 server on my testbed and in the near future i am going to try a
> VM live migration from a server to another, but actually I am having few
> problems.
>  The first one : i installed the xcp-xapi on 2 of my servers, and when i
> give the command
> #xe template-list
> One of the server gives me the list, while the other one doesn’t. It’s very
> strange, since I made the same installation steps on both machines.
> Following the guide at http://xen.org/files/XenCloud/installation.pdf ,  and
> after typed the command:
>  # update-rc.d porta default 21 19 (instead of chkconfig portmap on)
> I find that the  xcp-xapi libs are not running anymore, living the answer
> “server not found”. Searching on the web it look like there should be a
> conflict between xcp and apache2http, both using port 80 for communication
> with localhost.
> After stopping apache2 with a  “service apache2 stop”, the xcp-xapi libs can
> be restarted, and looks like they are working properly.
> I try then to create a storage to prepare my vm installation:
>  #xe sr-create name-label=centos6 type=iso
> device-config:location=/.../centos6 device-config:legacy_mode=true
> content-type=iso
> Then I tried installing a vm with:
> #xe vm-install new-name-label=centos6bob sr-name-label=centos6
> template=CentOS\ 6\ \(32-bit\)
> You attempted an operation that was not allowed.
> reason: Cannot copy a VM's disks to an ISO SR
> getting the error up here.
> I tried also changing the sr-type with “nfs”, but the error is nearly the
> same. I think I am making some wrong step, but I can’t find which one…hope
> someone can help.
> Regards,Valerio.
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