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Re: [Xen-users] any recent experience combining GlusterFS w/ Xen?

On Thursday 16 February 2012 10:50:00 am Miles Fidelman wrote:
> dwight at supercomputer.org wrote:
> > That's interesting. FWIW, I'm evaluating Nimbula right now, and
> > they claim that they are using Gluster along with DRBD. They are
> > CentOS/RH based, so that fits in with your comment about RedHat.
> > Can't say yet how well it works though.
> Gluster + DRBD seems an odd combination.  Seems like DRBD would be
> extraneous.

I honestly can't even say if it has Gluster. I was just going from 
the marketing lit and high level claims. I heard late yesterday 
(from someone who was at a conference here) that they were using 
something else. 

I've just gotten it installed this morning, and so I'm going to play 
around with it. I see it also claims to support NFS. I'm especially 
curious if it has the same fatal flaw that XCP has, with regards to 
NFS (which I asked recently about on this list, and got no 

This should be amusing.


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