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Re: [Xen-users] Routed Network with Xen

DN Singh wrote:

Secondly (and I think, a lot easier), you should be able to do it very simply with a "two interface" setup. Configure your Dom0 with one ordinary interface connected to your ISP's service. This will have the IP and it **NOT** connected to a bridge. Create a bridge, but do not add a physical NIC to it (unless you need other internal machines to have access). Give this an IP address of Now give your DomUs IPs in the rest of the subnet (ie through, connect their VIF to the bridge defined in the step above, and have them use as their default gateway.

Also, you suggested binding the additional IPs to DomUs, which I had tried, but the DomUs never got connected to the internet, as they did not find any gateway. The DC suggests binding the IPs straight away on the parent node, and they will get the gateway automatically due to their statically bound nature. <http://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Zusaetzliche_IP-Adressen/en>Refer this link, as I feel I may be missing something from the it.

Then I suggest you go back and read what I wrote :-/ They don't "find" a gateway, you tell them what the gateway is - it's the "internal" side of the Dom0 routing.

Ie, showing just one DomU, you'd have :

ISP -- eth0 - Dom0 - br0 -- vifx.y -- eth0 - DomU

DomU needs only 3 bits of information, it's IP address, netmask, and default router. The latter is, the IP address in the inside of Dom0

I think there is some confusion regarding the gateway, as the setup seems to be getting complicated.

It shouldn't be, this is possibly one of the simplest possible configurations to set up !

From the above link, see this section :

Problems with virtualization
With this type of IP/subnet allocation, it is not possible to use a "bridged" setup, as with such a setup several MAC addresses appear. VPS (linux virtual servers, Xen, vmware, etc) must use a so-called "Routed" setup (VMware: "host-only networking"). With an additional subnet the host system or dom0 must be configured with an IP address from the subnet which is then used as a gateway for the VPS. The (additional) address of the host system must be configured in the VPS in each case as a gateway.

It describes EXACTLY what I wrote above.

Simon Hobson

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