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Re: [Xen-users] xend future

On 03/22/2012 01:02 PM, Mike McClurg wrote:
On 21/03/12 11:25, Mario wrote:
On 03/21/2012 12:16 PM, Ian Campbell wrote:
The aim of Kronos and Zeus is to make XAPI available as a proper package
on various distros, there is no fork -- only effort to package things
for the particular distro packaging formats, which is normal for any
software -- or hack involved.


In that case, I am interested in making a package for yet another
distribution, and instead of making up yet another name and doing it all
from scratch (if its even possible), which of the two would be a better
choice to follow? Which of the two is more generic? Does having Zeus
project ensure that Kronos will stay active, or is Zeus not dependant on
Kronos development, etc etc :-)
Any info I can get, would help alot.


Hi Mario,

Glad to hear that you're interested in packaging Xapi! Just to clarify,
Zeus isn't "starting from scratch," but instead is taking the work that
we did with Kronos and building packages that will work on Fedora and
CentOS. To get Xapi working on Debian, we mostly had to patch Xapi so
that it works with upstream Linux and Xen. We're going to be upstreaming
as many of those patches as possible, so the difference between Xapi on
Debian and Xapi on XCP will go down over time.

If you want to build Xapi for Slackware, you should take a look at the
Xapi source code on GitHub. In each of the source repositories that Xapi
depends on, there is a debian branch, which contains all the patches we
wrote to get Xapi and it's dependencies running. Zeus will make use of
these patches too.

Hope that helps!



Ok thanks, unfortunatly some of the ocaml dependancies only come with unstable xen (for example xenctrl), so I probably can't use this in production untill the next major release. Along the way I have noticed that another ocaml dependancy "type-conv" is not being installed as such, instead it installs as "type_conv" (notice the underscore) under /usr/lib*/ocaml tree. I am unsure if this is how its supposed to be, or if its a bug, but for now I have it symlinked, type_conv to type-conv. Is there a preffered way to report issues to, a mailing list or irc channel for example?


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