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Re: [Xen-users] Debugging (possible) Xen-related hang-issues without the possibility of attaching serial console to capture Xen output

Am 28.03.2012 01:41, schrieb Tom Snowhorn:
What leads you to believe it's a "Xen-related hang issue" ?  I'd be
more inclined to suspect the service provider gave you a box with bad
RAM (which is why we 'memtest86' all of ours before giving them to
customers).  It sounds like you have an IPKVM, so see if you can boot
memtest if you haven't already done so.  If that's not readily
available, try the built-in kernel memtest functions (included with
late-model 2.6 kernels), though I understand their tests are less
conclusive than bare-metal memtest86.

I've not run a memtest on the (currently failing) hardware (yet), due to the extended downtime that would be incurred (which is even less acceptable than regular reboots for the systems running on the hosting system), but I've had the provider swap all components (except the HDs) three times so far to try to exclude hardware-related issues (i.e., I've had three different Mobos of the same make, with different RAM [also of different vendors, Samsung and Kingston], different [Intel-]CPUs in the same family, different PSUs, different Adaptec-HWRAID-controllers). That's why my current top suspect is either a datacenter related issue (failing power, broken main, something "funky" like that) or a Xen-related issue; I'd simply like to make sure that I can exclude the latter (that the system "bombs" hard, and that this is not some problem with the boards ACPI/somesuch and Xen which does get diagnosed by the Hypervisor and causes it to panic). I'm not using PCI-passthrough or any other "modern" virtualization technology, besides HVM - which makes this implausible (in my "world"), though.

I still have access to one of the former machines (which were swapped) which also hung regularily (but I couldn't cause it to hang with the "laboratory" setup I mentioned in the original mail); I'll check whether memtest reports anything on that machine. Thanks for the hint!

--- Heiko.

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