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Re: [Xen-users] Debugging (possible) Xen-related hang-issues without the possibility of attaching serial console to capture Xen output

Am 28.03.2012 16:46, schrieb Miles Fidelman:
1. Have you thought of installing an IPMI card into your box (if
available), or hooking up a serial-over-IP box like this one -

- I've found remote access to a serial port to be invaluable.

I tried to do the latter, but alas, that's not possible due to the restrictions the datacenter imposes on user-hardware being deployed in their housing-facility. There's not much I can really do against that (except switch data-centers, which is somewhere down the road...); the replica-hardware I've tested locally (which is similar and for which I can access the serial console) does not crash (or at least I can't get it to crash using the test-workloads I throw at it, which should be similar to the workloads on the deployed system).

2. I used to have a really bad crash/hang/reboot issue with my xen
installation.  It turned out that the solution was to pin VMs to CPUs
- otherwise there was an intermittent scheduling conflict that would
simply come up once in a while and crash things. Never could actually
find trace of it in logs, but pinning CPUs eliminated the issue.  Not
sure if that problem has been solved in later releases.

That's interesting, and something that I'll gladly give a try. Thanks for the hint!

--- Heiko.

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