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Re: [Xen-users] Reg PV-HVM templates

Hi Karthick,

For questions like this it's good to loop in the xen-users list as
answers may benefit others too.

In terms of how to create an ISO.. that's not quite the intention of
these images.
SolusVM intends for you to install the OS from an ISO which it will then manage.
This is quite possible but I don't know much about SolusVM.
What you would need to do is:

1. Boot the VM in pure HVM mode (without xen_platform_pci enabled).
2. Install the guest operating system.
3. Apply the changes listed in the bottom of the README file here:
4. Reboot the VM into PVonHVM mode (xen_platform_pci=1)

That is the rough outline though I don't know how if SolusVM gives you
all the settings required.
These templates are made for use specifically with a raw Xen.org hypervisor.

I will create a wiki article detailing this procedure sometime in the future.


On 4 April 2012 06:32, Karthick K <karthick.k11@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Joseph,
> I got the Xen PVonHVM templates from Xen devel users mailing list. I am
> using SolusVM to create and control the Xen HVM VM's and it uses the ISO
> files only.
> May I know the steps to create the ISO file for this? Also please can you
> share some ideas to create Xen PV templates?
> Awaiting for your response!
> --
> Regards,
> Karthick.K
> Linux Administrator

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