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Re: [Xen-users] 24TB redundant storage


The simple answer here is to spend lots of money on a NetApp appliance
or two, or some other brand.
If you are going to be serving up vm's, speed is your friend.  The
combination of network, cpu, bus speed all play a role in what you get
out of a san. Also if you go with a ZFS implementation, memory will have
a big impact as well.

Here is a little education for you on what exactly you can expect for
performance, from reasonably priced standard hardware.

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On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 10:23 AM, Sergey Melnik <admin.sa@xxxxxxxxx>
> Thanks for all your answers!
> Since this installation will be based on the remote site and we'll 
> have no access to physical location - we are trying to find a solution

> which is simple to manage and pure bulletproof.
> So no DIY appiances..
> Nexenta with all plugins seens to cost a lot, yet less than HP/Dell
> Have not seen Nexsan E18 before, gonna check if is suits our needs and

> avaliable in our country.

There's also FreeNAS appliances from iXsystems, which use FreeBSD+ZFS
underneath, but with a pretty web GUI to manage everything.  The TruNAS
boxes are basically drop-in, plug'n play boxes.

Freddie Cash

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