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Re: [Xen-users] How to use lvm stripe with xen?

Henning Ryll wrote:

I have setup xen with "Citrix Xen Server 6.0" using one hard disk with only 80
GB. Everything is running fine so far.

Now I have added two 1TB SATA disks.

Since Xen uses LVM it should be possible to use these 2 disks as lvm stripe
for performace reasons.
But how to create local storage on these disks?

I am looking around but I can not find any samples to build al lvm stripe with
'xe sr-create'. All samples are using just 1 device.

How to create local storage using a lvm stipe ?

You use the LVM commands to do it - this is absolutely and completely nothing to do with Xen. When you have created the LVM stripe (volume group ?) you can create logical volumes (LVs) within it - either using LVM commands, or any management tool that might handle it for you.

Just bear in mind that striping two disks together doubles the risk of failure casing data loss - you now have two disks, and failure of either of them will render the whole set unusable.

Simon Hobson

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