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[Xen-users] Volunteers wanted to help with list moderation

Most Xen.org mailing lists are moderated for non-subscribers, primarily
as a SPAM prevention measure. We are a little short of moderators at the
moment which means that sometimes mails for genuine posters who happen
to not be subscribed get delayed for a few days.

We are looking for volunteers to help out with this, it should be a
couple of a minutes each day to clear out any SPAM which has made it
through the automated filters and accept the posts from non-subscribers.

The basic policy for moderation is:

    "reject and blacklist spam, accept and whitelist everything else".

Most of the SPAM which gets through the filters is still pretty obvious
to the human eye and there are generally only a small number each day so
it is usually a pretty quick job.

Please let myself and Lars know if you would like to help out with one
or more lists. The only requirement is to be an existing regular poster
to the list.


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