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Re: [Xen-users] Forking time in Xen

Sorry for being so late with the reply, I was on the road and just
remembered the thread :)

2012/6/17 Sergey Zhukov <svg@xxxxxx>:
> I think I can re-test with other vcpu pinning, currently I've got one
> vcpu in DomU with the mapping:
> VCPU: 0
> Pinning: 0,1,2,3
> Which one pinning should be tested?

Pin the vcpu to one phyiscal core, instead of allowing it to be
floating between them.

i.e. xm cpu-pin DomU 0 2 pins it to the second core.
If your system has hyperthreading, make sure you're not pinning it to
the hyperthread, you can see those via
xenpm topology-something (see the xenpm help output)

In theory you could also make sure no other VM or dom0 is using that
core, but that's not relevant here i think. Xen will push any other
dom's from that busy core.

If your results show that the vcpu migration is not the culprit then
it would really be some dragons in the domU kernel. :)


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