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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 4.1 with tmem / xm save -> crash

> (XEN) tmem: initializing tmem capability for domid=3...ok
> (XEN) tmem: compression enabled for all domains, cannot be changed when 
> tmem_dedup is enabled
> (XEN) tmem: weight set to 0 for domid=3
> (XEN) tmem: cap set to 0 for domid=3
> (XEN) tmem: allocating ephemeral-private tmem pool for domid=3...failed... 
> unsupported spec version
> (XEN) tmem: flushing tmem pools for domid=3
> Can anyone confirm tmem + xm save/restore/migrate is working for him/her
> at all when tmem is in use?

Don't worry, probably the error is there for everyone and you were the
only one who tested ;)
Can't test unfortunately (my hosts do not fix that case at all), or
maybe I can in some VM.
I think it's best if you just submit the patch.


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