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Re: [Xen-users] Xen to XenServer

2012/6/20 Vintacular <itvince@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I didn't want to re-open this old post that I found:
> http://xen.1045712.n5.nabble.com/xen-users-Need-to-migrate-a-centos-image-from-xen-source-to-xenserver-td5532281.html
> however I am in the same predicament.
> Can anyone explain how to extract a Windows Server 2008 VM from Xen and
> import it into XenServer?

random pointers:
the "as life should be" way:
open-ovf if you want to "package" the image
Not feasible as open-ovf is totally sick.

the windows-style way
convert to virtualbox image, then convert to some standard appliance
format, then convert on and on

the windows-style way two:
p2v conversion of the xen VM with Citrix' tools.
If they support 2008.

the I'm unix guy i don't care about anything way and need to be done
with this yesterday.
(highest risk in this path, you might overwrite the wrong vm or crash
the pool if you don't grasp XenServer well enough)
Install a w2k8 VM in XenServer, same disk size as the Xen vm
shut it down
log on to the home server
identify the lv containing the disk
dd the xen disk image into the XenServer lv
try starting the vm, see if you need to fix drivers etc.


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