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Re: [Xen-users] VGA passthru troubleshooting

On Sat, Jun 23, 2012 at 9:30 PM, Chris <kavefish@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestion. It's taking me down a weird path.
> I attempted installation of the fglrx Linux driver, which failed
> (while building the module for my domU kernel). At first I thought
> perhaps it failed because an instance of X was running as the Nvidia
> driver does, so I switched the Fedora VM to run level 3... and then my
> monitor lit up... the one that the Fedora VM was supposed to control.
> Never mind there's supposed to be no X11 in run level 3.

I've had fglrx fail to build the kernel module when using a 3.4 kernel
(in the domU), resulting in no 2D or 3D acceleration. It compiles
properly with an older kernel, Ubuntu Precise's current default kernel
in my case.

> As far as I can tell there's no driver bound to the device. The
> /sys/bus/pci/device/<BFD>/ directory contains no driver symlink. Also,
> the lsmod listing doesn't include anything that's obviously a video
> driver. So I'm guessing that's what happens when it's just pure
> software rendering, but I don't really know.  In any case, it's
> definitely not either of the radeon or fglrx drivers.
> The configuration that produces the effect closest to what I was
> aiming for has 'gfx_passthru=0', which allows me to watch boot via VNC
> and then the secondary adapter takes over when gdm starts. However,  I
> use 'gfx_passthru=1' then I get the same behaviour as before where the
> guest starts without error, but appears to hang shortly after
> power-on.
> The Win7 VM behaviour is unchanged: 'gfx_passthru=0' starts booting
> until the ATI driver loads and bluescreens; 'gfx_passthru=1'  hangs
> very early after power-on. The result is the same whether using the
> latest official release driver or the latest beta driver.

I don't have windows working yet either (I'm trying the win8 consumer preview).

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